Software That
Just Works.

(Great Apps Coming Soon!)

Work Doesn't Have To Be A Chore

Did you ever think to yourself: With all the whizbang Web 2.0 websites out there today, why aren't my business apps like that?  Well, now they can be. 

We are in the process of developing web-based applications that are focused on particular business functions within the corporate world.  Return to this site soon for updates on our up-and-coming application offerings.

Improving The UX (User Experience)

  • Instead of asking what features should be added, we ask:
    What is the goal of the user?
  • Instead of focusing solely on the user interface, we ask:
    How does this experience make the user feel?
  • Instead of constructing training materials, we ask:
    Why isn't this sufficiently intuitive such that no training is necessary?

We believe finding the answers to these type of questions as we design our appliciations will result in a user experience that takes the chore out of your dailiy tasks, expedites getting work done (and might even be a little bit fun).  For more info please contact us.